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November 8, 2018

Nite Owl Quilters Guild Gadget Library


Aunt Becky's Finger Protector (2) Finger Protectors
6" Bias square Method for quick half square triangles
Bias Tape Maker (1) Cut and make bias tape 50 mm/ 2"
Birangle Strip cut rectangles twice as long as they are wide.
Color Evaluator Helps select the right colors for a project
Corner Cutter Make flying geese Units
Creative Grids Rulers 8-1/2"square
12 1/2"square
6-1/2" x 12- 1/2" rectangle
2-1/2" x  12-1/2" rectangle
2-1/2" x  18-1/2" rectangle
3-1/2" x  12-1/2" rectangle
Double Wedding
Ring Rulers(2)
15" & 11" Ruler & Paper Templates to cut and piece entire top.
Drunkards's Path 6"square Cutting templates for Drunkard's Path
Easy Angle Ruler 6-1/2" Cut half sq. triangele and squares for 1/2"to 6" without waste
Easy Center Sq. Ruler Square in a square & template(1)
Easy Scallop Template Template for Scalloped Edges
Easy Dresden Ruler Accurate rotary cut Dresden wedges
Easy Three Rotary cut equilateral trangles in 11 sizes from strips of Fabric
Easy Twist Ruler Strip pieces, no triangles to cut
Flip'n'Set Flip open Cut Triangles
Fast 2 Cut Dresden Plate Template
Fussy Cutter Ruler Strip pieced diamnd 3" to  6"
Fiskars Scissors Titanium
Flex Design Ruller (1) ruler is flexible to measure curves
Kaleido Ruler Cut strips for corner triangle
Klutz Glove Protect hand, fingers from rotary cutter
Lil 'Twister Pinwheel making tool
Lazy Angle Ruler (1) Angle cutting ruler
Lazy Angle Set (VHS tape, book & ruler) Make a variety of angled blocks or stars
with out math. Finished sizes 1"to 6" from strip witdth 1-1/2" to 6-1/2
Magic mirrors Preview design concepts for kaleidoscopes, stars, etc before cutting fabric
Mini Wedge rulers (3) Create 18", 14"& 9" fans. Comes with brochure.
Precision Trimmer 6" Great for square in a square units or half square triange units
Point Trimmer Trim seam allowance at points for perfect alignment, reduce bulk,
Quick Quilter Spoon No Sore fingers while hand quilting.
Quilt 'N' Go Lap Frame Lap frame for hand work (4 pieces)
Quilt 'N' Print Viewer Reducing lens to view your quilt
Quilt Sew Easy  (2)  Free-motion quilting flexible hoops & pamphlet
Quilter Fabric
Calculator & Book
To calculate yardage for you quilt projects
Quilter Press Bars (5 sizes) 1/8" to 1/2" x 2
Quilt Binding Express Cut and Iron bindings
Rotary Cutter Olfa 28MM
Ruby Beholder Fabric value finder w/ window red. 
Rhinestone applicator Applies hot fix rhinestones
Scallop Ruler(Large) Quick and accurate scalloped quilt edge with pamphlet (cracked)
Scrap Master To make odd shapped scraps into useful strips, squares & triangles
Seams easy Ruler Makes quarter inch seam units 1/2 'x 12
Setting Triange Ruler Easy to make diagonal set triangles with our formulas, using unfisished block size
Shape Cut (1) Cut strips 1/2' to 12
Spin Ruler Circular Kaleidoscope giving illusion of spinning motion
Star Maker 5 Strip cut quilts with 5, 10, & 20 points
Tri-Recs Ruler Rotary cut trianges with ins squares and rectangles -easiy and accurate
Tailors Click pencil Marking pencil
View and Do Hex-Cut Rotary cut template to see what fabric will look like in multi-sized hexagons
Whiz Kid Half square & quarter square marking tool
Wonder Clips Clips open wide to hold multiple lagers of fabric
Wonder Cut Triangel Ruler for fast and perfect 1/2 sqiare troamges: no paper, fabric points, math
Wonder Cut Ruler Sew first, then cut
Zangles Cutting templates for kaleidoscope blocks