In House Workshops 

           All classes are being held at the YMCA in Upland,  located at 1150 E Foothill Blvd,  Upland, CA  91786 , unless there is a scheduling concern for the YMCA.   If a class has to be changed, we will contact all parties to let them know, by email and adding notifications on Facebook. 

                              Classes start at 9:30  and end at  3:00.  Please bring your lunch, snacks or drinks. 

January 13, 2024     Quilting 101

By Terry Kirk 


Quilting 101 – Terry Kirk

Supply List

Basic Sewing Supplies

Sewing Supplies, Pins, Scissors, Neutral colored thread, etc.

Sewing machine with new needle

Rotary cutter with new blade

Ruler –> 6×12 or 24 and optional 9-1/2” square

Cutting mat


1.  Focus Print: 1-1/2 yards (This should be a large Floral or Novelty or Fun Print that will be the “Portrait Blocks” and the outer border)

2.   Coordinating Print: ½ yard (This should go along with the Focus like a small filler print from the same line/colors).

3.  Accent Color: ½ yard (This should make the focus print ZING).

4.  Frame Border: ½ yard (This will be the first border and frames the quilt).

February 10, 2024    Chinese Coins

by Diane Martin

Coin Quilt — Supply List for February 10, 2024

All participants will decide if their project will be with straight stacks (All pieces will be of the same width) Or— Uneven stacks — Strips can be straight — or angled.

You have options— depending on what size quilt you are making. And what your fabric source is. The Coin Strips can be from 7″ wide finished to 4″ wide. Your sashing’s can be from 2″ wide to 4″ wide. By varying the width of the coins or the sashing — you can create the quilt you want. Wider sashing’s may need more yardage.

Contact Diane Martin (951) 314-2979 (text or call) Email

Using Layer Cake For Straight — or uneven stacks

Finished Size 62 x 70

finished Size — Lap Quilt 45 x 51

Layer Cake — or 40 10″ squares

24 10″ squares

• 2 Yds of Background & Border fabric

1 Yd Background & boarders

o Narrow Ruler at least 12″ long

Narrow Ruler at least 12″ long

9 h” square up ruler

9 h” square up ruler

Good Rotary cutter

Good Rotary cutter

Basic Sewing Supplies

Basic Sewing Supplies

Using Jelly Roll For Straight Stacked

Finished Size 54 x 78

finished Size — Lap Quilt 45×45

Jelly Roll — or 33 – 2 h” strips

25 – 2 1/2″ strips

0 2 Yds of Background & Border fabric

0 1 Yd Background & boarders

e Narrow Ruler at least 12″ long

Narrow Ruler at least 12″ long

0 9 h” square up ruler

9 h” square up ruler

Good Rotary cutter

‘ Good Rotary cutter

Basic Sewing Supplies

Basic Sewing Supplies

Using Scraps Coins will be wide and narrow.

For Larger Quilt — 160 (min) pieces 9-10″ long , and widths of 1 h” to 4 h inches. The wider width pieces will be cut on the diagonal for the angled pieces.

For Smaller Quilt —You will need about 150 random strips about 7″ long. Width from 1″ — 4″. These can be angled — but it’s suggested that the narrow end be larger than 1″.

You may find it useful to bring a wedge ruler.

If you are doing scrappy — Let me know your color scheme — or style, I have lots of scraps to share.

March 9, 2024     Garlic Knots   

by Sharon Chaffino

March Class Supply List – Garlic Knots


This quilt is made of 80, 6 ½ blocks that finish at 6” Inches in the quilt. The quilt will measure 69 ½ “x 83”.  You can adjust the size if you choose.

This is a Bonnie Hunter Scrap Quilt. You can get her pattern as a Digital PDF for $12.00 at:!/Garlic-Knots-Digital-Pattern/p/79241150/category=13038426


Sewing Machine

Basic Sewing Supplies ie: rotary cutter, small cutting mat, rulers, sewing machine needles, scissors, flannel backed tablecloth or portable design wall, you might find a traveling iron helpful and etc.

Yardage requirements are as follows:

Medium to dark prints in a rainbow of colors totaling about 4 Yards. If you prefer you can make this in a 2 or 3 color scheme. You’ll have to adjust your yardage accordingly

Background fabric 4 ½ Yards.

Border accent ½ yard.

Cutting directions for 1 block is as follows:

From background cut:

(2) 2” x 4 ½ “rectangles

(2) 2” x 3 ½” rectangles

From Color one fabric cut:

(3) 2 “x 4 1/2 “rectangles

From Color two Cut:

(1)  2” x 4 ½” rectangle


We will work on making the blocks, when we have completed at least 8 blocks we’ll work on the layout with the sashing that makes the crosses.

The sashing is cut from 1 ½ “strips.  From Background fabric sub cut to 1 ½ x 3 ½”.  From colored fabrics sub cut

to 1 ½”x 5 ½” rectangles.  For your accent squares sub cut into 1 ½” x 1 ½” squares

April 13,   2024   NOQG  TEA  to be held at the Church

More info to follow

May 11,  2024   Bargello  Christmas Tree Skirt

Teacher – Michelle Case   

June 8,  2024   Quilt Labels

Teacher- Earlean Miller

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