The Geshrey keeps going while the U.S. stops due to the coronavirus pandemic. To help it restart The Geshrey sought advice from some of the world’s leading experts. They all say that if you are isolated at home, sit down, relax, and read all 16 issues of The Geshrey. Read them slowly and carefully. Over and over. Meanwhile, wash your hands several times a day (always recommended after reading The Geshrey,) limit contact with the outside world (Easy. Just tell everyone you read The Geshrey and the outside world will limit its contact with you.)  If you do go out, try to keep several feet distance between you and the rest of the real world. Of course, you should always keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. This is for reality’s sake.

Didja know the inability to have their feet on the ground is a problem for T-rump supporters? They are in their own netherworld, floating, detached from reality, and because we stand with our feet on the ground in the real world, we cannot reach them, no matter how hard we try.

There is a song, “What a Difference a Day Makes” that was made popular by Dinah Washington. This should be this week’s theme song because on Thursday, according to T-rump, the coronavirus pandemic was a hoax being spread to hurt his chances for re-election and on Friday, he abandoned this illogical fantasy and declared the coronavirus outbreak a National Emergency. This declaration enables him to use money specially earmarked for emergencies.

What is he going to use the money for? I don’t know. Except for T-rump’s promise of millions of test kits in the pipeline – to be available on some unannounced schedule at some unknown places – T-rump has no national policies to confront the medical emergency other than to restrict travel from abroad and domestically and to tell everyone to stay home. Everything else that is being done to combat the existing and growing danger has so far been done by state and local governments and private industry.

In this dire health crisis, with increasing numbers of infected people and deaths, is T-rump the right person to use the money to make national policy? Can we trust him? The answer is a resounding “hell no.” Recall that he is the person who said: “The virus has no chance here. We are the best prepared country in the world.”

It will be better if T-rump has no national policies concerning the pandemic  because of his history of failure. His tax cut did nothing to stimulate the economy although the very wealthy were stimulated by it. His North Korea adventure is a failure. The Taliban deal is falling apart. His Iran policy has not brought Iran to its knees. Mexico is not paying for the wall. He has not created more jobs in his first three years than Obama did in his last three years. His tariff war has hurt thousands of small farmers and innumerable businesses, and raised consumer prices. Not one country other than Israel has agreed to his proposed Middle East peace proposal.

On the other hand, other T-rump’s national policies have been very effective. Not good, but effective. He has and continues to alienate U.S. allies. He is killing the environment. His Supreme Court choices border on criminal. Racism, White Nationalism, and anti-semitism are on the rise. Immigrants (and their children) seeking asylum are treated like animals or worse. Asylum seekers’ families are being torn apart. Mass murders are almost a weekly event. Millions of Americans have no health insurance. Attorney General Barr is using the Department of Justice for T-rump’s political advantage.

Didja know that it has been seven weeks since the CDC announced the first corona virus case in the U.S.? During this time there has been no widespread virus testing in the U.S. despite T-rump telling us that “anyone who wants to be tested can be tested.” Reality check: we have tested fewer people in this seven weeks than South Korea tests each day! Why? No testing kits.

But wait, there’s more!

During this same seven week period there was widespread testing in the Congo and other major African countries. All these countries were using World Health Organization test kits made commercially by a German company that has a major presence in the U.S. The tests performed flawlessly.

With respect to testing, under T-rump’s policies we are trying to catch up with . . . Africa? We are doing this by spending millions to create test kits when there are and have been at all times test kits available, the same WHO German-made  kits the rest of the world is using.

Didja know that weeks ago China built one, if not two, 1,000 bed hospitals in ten days to treat coronavirus patients? Meanwhile we have no national policy to expand hospital capacity by even one bed to treat the expected increase in patients suffering from the coronavirus.

Every day T-rump’s policy of deranged tweets and public harangues in the media demeans the office of President. (Would T-rump suffer from laryngitis if he did not have Fox News?)

But have no fear. We lead the world in some things: presidential ignorance, lies and empty promises, and bankruptcies caused by medical bills.

There are no economic policies in place to stop the economic downturn. Lots of talk but no policies. Of course, the best economic policy is to get the coronavirus pandemic under control. As infections go down, the economy will go up because we will return to business as usual. Whether the economy will fully recover for a long time (or enter into a recession as some economists predict) is another issue.

So why would we want T-rump to make policy? Let anyone else do it: Mickey Mouse, Yogi Bear, Lassie, Goofy.  No, not Goofy. We have a lot of experience with Goofy. He is the one always in the room helping T-rump make policy, even when T-rump is alone.

Didja know that new research has revealed why ice ages end? Over time the earth’s axis oscillates so that its tilt angle changes with respect to the sun. When the northern hemisphere tilts towards the sun at a sufficient angle, longer and stronger summers melt the large Northern Hemisphere ice sheets. This causes the earth to enter into a warm “interglacial” state. —Thanks to research at the University of Melbourne.

We have research revealing when the  Second Dark Ages, also known as the “First T-rump Dark Age,” will end. It will be when the majority of the American electorate in the swing states oscillate left, towards a Renaissance. —Thanks to Kaminsky University.

Didja know that washing hands reduces chances of getting any disease by 40% and, according to one study, if done regularly we could save a million lives each year. Another study – again by Kaminsky University – has shown that politicians here and abroad not shaking hands with T-rump may yield the similar results. (Be careful. No amount of washing will remove the tarnished reputation one gets from shaking hands with T-rump, even if no lives are saved.)

In the dark times / Will there also be singing? Yes, there will also be singing / about the dark times.”— Bertolt Brecht

Here is some helpful advice so that you cannot say reading The Geshrey was a complete waste of time. You can tell whether to push or pull a door to open it by looking at the hinges. If you can see the hinge pin, pull. If not, push. Save being embarrassed because you did not see the “push” or “pull” sign onthe door. Works for me!

You can now sleep with both eyes closed because there is a bright spot; T-rump tested negative for the coronavirus. He is still the president firmly in control. Wait! What am I thinking? What am I saying? I take that back. T-rump is still the president firmly in control. There is only darkness, no bright spot. Forget what I said. As long as he is president and in control sleep with one eye open so you can “see and avoid.”