This third blog is being sent out in quick succession to the second blog as a test. I am hoping that I have corrected the problem so that it will be emailed to my subscribers. I would appreciate if my two subscribers would verify that they received this blog in their emails.
However, so as not to waste 100% of everyone’s time I offer the following tidbits. Hopefully one is worth reading So it cannot be said that there is nothing worth reading in this blog.
Did you know that intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair? (A fact from my good friend Ed J.) This tidbit leads to the obvious question. Since I have lost one-half my hair to baldness am I half-witted? Note: This is a rhetorical question. A reply is not necessary.
In my last blog I complained that one daughter had not even read the blog. Well, she has since read it and had this to say: “Hi Dad! I read your blog. I love it. Thanks for the shout out. Threw English teacher in me though it’s squirming at some of the grammar and spelling mistakes: ‘fell’ instead of ‘feel’ at beginning of blog 2. ‘Kamela” instead of ‘Kamala” in blog 1, starting sentences with FANBOYS words, and missing commas. I can come by Saturday for a quick lesson if you have some time (and care).” (Query: What are FANBOYS?) To be sure, most people might be taken aback by her criticisms but not me. She loved the blog and feels that she can correct my mistakes in a quick lesson. But it does lead me to wonder. If she can correct my English skills in a quick lesson why do her students have to spend a whole semester in her class?
Hint: if you miss any of my blogs, simply go to The missing missives will be there. (Thanks Jeff M. For giving me the correct Internet address.)
I have another daughter who has sent me the following message: “I am having a difficult time still understanding how he [Rump] got where he is. And it can happen again. Then again, I have a difficult time understanding how the Holocaust happened. And the Cuban Missile Crisis. And the Cold War. All of the obvious maladaptIve events that humanity is capable of. And here again, another example.” To this I can only say in response that I cannot opine on why humanity acts in the way it does, but I can point some things out in a narrower sense. The Holocaust, the Cuban Missile, and the Cold War had foreign actors. The Rump crisis is a making of the American people. But in fairness we cannot compare Rump to the Holocaust, the Cuban Missile, or the Cold War. Rump has not committed mass murder or threatened mass destruction so long as you do not consider how he abandoned our allies the Kurds to the Turks or how he is handling North Korea and Iran.
Do you know what “a.m.” and “p.m.” mean? We all use these terms. The stem of the abbreviations is the word “meridies” which is Latin for “midday.” This is when the sun is directly overhead. Thus, a.m. means “ante meridian” or before midday and p.m. means “post meridian” or after midday.
I am still open to comments on how people feel about high school and whether it prepared its graduates for everyday life. Do you feel high school failed you and, if so, how? If you have my email address, you can send your comments directly to me. Otherwise comments can be put on the blog’s “contact me” space.