It’s time for another issue of The Geshrey. Read it and be prepared to come out of the experience possibly smarter or possibly dumber. (I give you possibilities, Fox News doesn’t.)

Didja know the Empire State Building in has its own ZIP code. It sits inside the New York City 10001 ZIP code, but its Zip Code is 10118.

After T-rump’s acquittal in his Senate impeachment trial for attempting to use U.S. resources for private political purposes, specifically to have Ukraine announce an investigation of Joe Biden and his son, Senator Susan Collins (R Maine) explained why she voted to not hear witnesses and to acquit T-rump. She said, he [T-rump] has “learned his lesson.” In saying this she is implying he will not repeat the same behavior.

I heard on the news today that T-rump’s Attorney General (William Barr) is setting up special procedures at the Department of Justice to review information about Biden and Ukraine to be brought by T-rump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani even though there is no evidence that Biden did anything wrong. This appears to be a continuation of the same scheme T-rump tried to effect before he was impeached, i.e., using U.S. resources for private political purposes. The DOJ is a U.S. resource and Joe Biden is still a political rival.

So Senator Collins, it appears that you and were wrong. T-rump  did not learn any lessons. Big surprise!

(Another excuse given by so many Republicans for their vote to acquit T-rump is that the voters should decide. If our founding fathers wanted voters to decide whether a president should be removed from office they would not have included the impeachment and trial clauses in the Constitution.)

Of the things I have written about, the one that generated the most comments (2) was – (drum roll . . .) –  the one about palindromes. Daughter Becky says that 02-02-2020 is not a true palindrome. Maggie M. disagrees and tells us it is. She says a palindrome reads the same left to right or right to left. It may consist off numbers or letters like Maggie’s daughter’s name, Ada. Another letter example is “Madam, I’m Adam.” Per Maggie the next MM/DD/YYYY format palindrome is 12-02-2021. Is life like a palindrome? It reads the same frontwards and backwards:        diapers 2 diapers.

Didja know that there are an estimated 2 to 4 million different kinds of insects and about 625,000 kinds have been described. Half of described ones are trying to get into my house. The other half is trying to get into your house. I do not know how many I can’t describe are already in our houses because some are so small they are not readily seen by the human eye. Some are microscopic.

Are you a Doomsday Prepper? Are you worried about the Apocalypse? Do you want a place to ride out the end of days? There is such a place. It is The Fortitude Ranch in Colorado. Its slogan is “prepare for the worst, enjoy the present.” For about $1,000 per person per year Preppers receive 10 days’ lodging at the Ranch each year. What I do not understand is what if your ten days does not coincide with the end of times?  I also do not understand where you can go to avoid the end of the world.

”My doctor is wonderful. Once when I couldn’t afford an operation he touched up the X-rays.” Joey Bishop

Didja know that Feb 10, is National Umbrella Day. Did you celebrate by taking your umbrella to dinner? You did if it was raining.

Didja know that Abraham Lincoln once said, “[H]e can compress the most words into the smallest ideas better than any man I ever met.” (Yes, I know what you are thinking!)

Twenty-one years ago, while suffering impeachment, President Clinton in his State of the Union address focused on building public support for using the budget surplus to shore up SS and Medicare. T-rump’s new proposed budget calls for $1 trillion in cuts to Medicaid, Obamacare, and world health organizations. I guess this is part of T-rump‘s promised great health care plan.

Today is the New Hampshire primary. The news will not be if Sanders wins, but if he loses. Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire are the bases of his suppport.

If you are going to sleep, remember to open one eye. T-rump is still president.